John's Geekworks

I recently reorganized the web site a little, and am migrating the technical pages into This will include not only the general stuff here in the Geekworks, but also my Time and Frequency pages as well; there's a lot of overlap between the two topics. Over time, almost all technical content will migrate to but the /time-freq and Geekworks home pages will remain to provide an organizational framework.

Going to will show you a list of directories; clicking on one will take you to its contents. Some of the directories will be full-blown web pages, others may contain just some pictures or plots.

This page is simply a repository for notes on some of the ham radio/computer/whatever projects I'm working on.

Lots of my geekiest experiments are related to precise time and frequency measurement, and I have a whole section of my website devoted to them.

I recently added John's GeekBlog to serve as my online logbook; mostly it's going to be pretty boring stuff, but I will be storing various charts, screen dumps, etc. there, so you may want to see if anything catches your eye.

I've written a program called stable-stats which automatically generates plots of my frequency standards' performance. Those plots, as well as others that I may be working on, are at

My other projects include: