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Other Febos Around the World

Amazingly enough, the name "Febo" isn't utterly unique. There are some other folks out there who share our CEO's nickname. First and foremost is a sort of automat fast-food restaurant in Holland. People seem to have a low opinion of its food quality. See for yourself:

Here is a picture of an actual Febo thingy at

Here's a message I received in June, 1999:

We from the Committee Rabbit ( "Commissie Konijn") have discovered your Febo-homepage. Here at our student association "Het Gezelschap Tubalkain", we have a "Committee Rabbit", which keeps a couple of rabbits since 1982. Since 1992 we have a brown fluffy rabbit called "Febo". His picture can be seen at

The rabbit was named "Febo", because he looks like one of the snacks you can buy and eat at "Febo de lekkerste" (Febo the most delicious).

Lots of greetings from Holland,

Sietske Hoekstra

There is apparently a Febo cult at Febo de Lekkerste, but since the pages are mainly in Dutch, I'm not really sure...

Microsoft Network's Expedia travel information site has a non-humorous take on Amsterdam's Febo restaurants.

There are a couple of less-greasy "Febo" businesses, too. Here are their links:

Febo Group, Inc.

Febo Financial Data Charting Software by Dataform

Sergio Febo, Architect (Italy)