Harris 0130-211013/Qbit 512 Amplifier

A number of amplifiers marked as Harris 0130-211013 but sold as Qbit model 512 amplifiers have become available on eBay. According to the seller, these amps are "2 MHz to 500 MHz having 10 dB gain with 300 MW(25 dBm) P1 output power. Psat is nearly one watt." The input voltage is 15 to 24 VDC.

I haven't been able to find any other specific information about these amplifiers, but here is some measured data for one of the units I bought

It draws about 96 ma at 15 volts, and doesn't change much as the voltage is increased to 24 or lowered to 13.8V. Gain does not seem to drop when running from 13.8V, but I suspect the compression point might lower.

The noise figure at 100 MHz is 5.5 dB measured on an HP 8970 meter.

Here is a frequency sweep out to 1.3 GHz, with a drive level of 0 dBm (scale is 5dB/div), and 13.8V supply:

The gain drops off below about 1 MHz. Here is a shot showing 300 kHz to 2 MHz (the S12 trace is also 5dB/div, but its reference point doesn't line up):

The phase noise is pretty good. The noise floor is significantly lower than any of the distribution amplifiers I tested, though the noise at 1 Hz offset is a little higher. (Note, however, that when I did the distribution amplifier tests my reference oscillator had a higher noise floor than the one I used for this measurement.) Here is the plot: