BVA Enclosure -- Construction Documentation

Below are photos of the enclosure I built to house my OSA 8607/008 BVA oscillator. These are meant to help me remember what I did if I ever need to work on it years from now.

If you click on any image, it will take you to a full size (2 - 3 MB) version.

Overall Views

Oscillator Mounting and Wiring

Shunt diode to protect EFC from negative voltage.

Front Panel Wiring

Operate/Charge Switch and wiring.
Upper LED green in "Operate"; red in "Charge."
Lower LED on with external DC; off if battery operation.

Power Wiring

Fuses: 1A input to 24V regulator; 2A battery; 3A DC input.

24V ALWSR regulator. Tracking preregulator is not used.

Note 3A Schottky diode in series with power input. Diode is shorted when front panel switch is set to "Charge."

Power feedthroughs to oscillator compartment.

Power feedthroughs in oscillator compartment.

Front terminal strip showing 10V preregulator for T2-Mini.