Quick Setup Guide for
Austron 2100T LORAN Timing Receiver

This is a cheat-sheet for initial setup of Austron 2100T LORAN-C receiver.

Establishing Tracking and Timing

To lock to a LORAN station and set PPS

After doing TOC synchronization, the total delay (receiver electroniss plus propagation) can be seen by connecting an on-time PPS signal to EXT PPS IN and then entering TRACK DATA 9. In my case, tracking the Dana, IN GRI 89700 master from 284.182KM (176.583M) away, I'm seeing a total delay of 1001.18 microseconds.

TRACK_DATA Functions

To see current values, enter TRACK_DATA and the number below.
EXCEPT -- "TRACK_DATA 1" disables front panel switches, and "TRACK_DATA 0" enables them.

To set other values, enter value, then TRACK_DATA, then number. For example, to set time constant to 3200 GRI, enter "0 TRACK_DATA 6".

0Front Panel Switch Enable
1Front Panel Switch Lockout
2Noise Number
3Receiver Gain
4Frequency Offset
5Cycle Number
6Time Constant (default is 2, 800 GRI):
03200 GRI
11600 GRI
2800 GRI
3400 GRI
4200 GRI
7Accumulated Phase Shift ("0 TRACK_DATA 7" to clear)
8Receiver Status Bits ("0 TRACK_DATA 8" clears BLINK LED and other errors):
1Acquisition in Progress
2Tracking strobe and fixed PPS not aligned
3TOC sync not started or did not occur
4Loss of external reference
5Station Blinking
6Cycle Error
7Gain Change
8Not Yet Tracking
9Time difference from fixed PPS and external PPS

The CLEAR key cancels data entry and clears keyboard and display when "--HELP--" is displayed.

Error Conditions

1Acquisition Mode
2Strobe/PPS Sync Error
3TOC Not Reached
4Ext. Ref. Lost
6Cycle Slip
7Gain Change
8Not Tracking