April 2008 Results

These are the results of the Midwest VHF/UHF Society Frequency Measuring Test held on 19 October 2007 (UTC).

The Winners

Participation in this test was lower than last October, but we still had some very good results. Based on lowest average fractional offset, the winner on 20M was Reid Bishop at 6.29x10-10, while the 40M winner was Jacques Audet at -6.75x10-9. The single best measurement belongs to Reid, at 8.59x10-12 for his 2nd 20M reading.

The Frequencies

20M #114 054 044.380 246
20M #214 054 121.680 879
20M #314 054 098.377 773
40M #17 056 013.836 603
40M #27 056 097.736 614
40M #37 056 103.136 619

For this FMT, we were not able to have as precise a frequeny measurement system at the W8KSE site as we were for the October 2007 test. There was a consistent bias, particularly on 20M, between the local measurement at W8KSE and the remote measurement at N8UR. We have not been able to identify the source of this bias, but our analysis, as well as the separate measurements by N8ZM (who was at the N8UR site, but using his own equipment) lead us to believe that the N8UR results should be accepted as "correct".

However, we also note that the majority of the 40M readings were clustered in the 8s and 9s low. We're not sure how to account for that, as on 40M both our calculated and locally measured frequencies were consistent a couple of orders of magnitude better than that.

You may download the more detailed W8KSE analysis here.

The systems at W8KSE and N8UR were the same as used in October 2007, with the exception that we did not use the TSC-5120A frequency analysis box at W8KSE this time. Details of the frequency generation/transmission system, and the N8UR monitoring system, are at the 2007 FMT Description page, and here's a photo gallery showing the hardware.

The Results

Fractional Error 20 M Avg 40 M Avg
20M-1 20M-2 20M-3 40M-1 40M-2 40M-3

Bill Riches -9.87E-09
-6.89E-09 -1.28E-08 -9.87E-09
Richard W Dabney -3.29E-09 -2.32E-08
5.53E-09 -5.11E-09 -1.03E-08 -1.91E-08 -2.33E-08 -2.72E-08
Marvin Collins -7.56E-09
-7.84E-09 -7.18E-09 -7.67E-09
Phil Walker -2.09E-07 -1.36E-06
-6.22E-07 -2.37E-07 2.33E-07 -1.05E-06 -2.17E-06 -8.68E-07
Ed Moxon -2.38E-08
-2.77E-08 -1.99E-08 -2.36E-08
Jacques Audet -6.75E-09
-1.36E-09 -1.57E-08 -3.21E-09
Bill Bradrick -4.08E-08
-1.28E-08 -5.19E-09 -1.04E-07
Jeff Walker -1.70E-08 -9.53E-09
-5.85E-09 -9.45E-09 -3.56E-08 -8.45E-09 -1.24E-08 -7.74E-09
Brad Moersfelder -3.26E-08 -1.55E-08
-2.88E-08 -3.27E-08 -3.63E-08 -2.47E-08 -1.01E-08 -1.16E-08
Mike Naruta 5.01E-09 -3.59E-08
8.52E-09 4.92E-09 1.58E-09 -4.77E-08 -4.06E-08 -1.94E-08
Reid Bishop 6.29E-10 -2.41E-08
1.23E-09 8.59E-12 6.49E-10 -2.25E-08 -2.57E-08 -2.42E-08


1st Place Reid Jacques
Reid Reid Reid Jacques Bill B. Jacques
2nd Place Richard Jeff
Richard Mike Mike Bill R. Brad Jeff
3rd Place Mike Bill R.
Jeff Richard Marvin Jeff Jeff Bill R.

Single Lowest Offset: Reid