N8UR HPSDR Configuration

Com0Com: Configure 4 pairs using default settings:

Pair 0 COM20 COM21
Pair 1 COM22 COM23
Pair 2 COM24 COM25
Pair 3 COM26 COM27

Virtual Audio Cable:
Configure 2 cables with default settings

Set up CAT and VAC1 as follows. Do NOT set up VAC2.

CAT ControlCOM21TS-2000
VAC 1Input: Virtual Cable 2Output: Virtual Cable 1

Use RigCAT PowerSDR.xml profile and COM23
Use Virtual Cable 1 for capture, and Virtual Cable 2 for playback


HPSDR PA Gain for Hermes
After adjusting for 10W output with PowerSDR drive set to 100 from the Hermes ANT1 port, as measured with an HP 8482H power sensor and 30dB power attenuator, the PA Gain table looks like this:

In operation, drive is set to 75 for each band, which yields 70-80 watts out of the TenTec 418 amplifier when that amp is set to 0dB attenuation. At the moment, the TenTec amplifier seems unhappy when measuring its 6M power using the 6M ANT output.