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Wed Apr 13 10:55:18 EDT 2005

I have two frequency standards units that I am selling/helping to sell for
customers. I figured I would see if any of you are interested before putting
them on e-bay. They are an HP 5065A and an HP 105B. Both are the old style
blue chassis.
The 5065A has a bad tube in it and the battery isn't any good either. It
does have a 10811-60109 oscillator in it though. The first time I powered it
up, the oscillator seemed very sensitive to position changes of the unit. I
powered it up again a couple of weeks ago and it seemed to not be a problem
this time. I was bought by an individual that was hoping to get a working
unit and didn't. He would like to get $ 250.00 for it. If interested, let me
know and I will send you photographs of it and the plots I have mad on drift
The HP 105B belongs to the University of Colorado. One of the people there
purchased it for some Alan Variance tests he was making. Again, I have
photos he has sent me of it and some of the plots. I have not seen this unit
and would direct you to him for the sale. Here is his quote on the condition
of it. "It seems in good physical condition except for an ugly partially
removed sticker and some corrosion on the bnc connectors (we could clean it)
and we've checked that it tunes.  (We have not checked that it tunes within
HP specifications, nor have we checked the output voltage levels, but we
could test this if it's helpful.  So far, we have only made Allan Dev.
measurements and it is beating HP specs.  Also, I imagine that the internal
battery needs replacement, but we tested it for 20min on battery and it
worked fine.  We could try it longer if that's helpful.".
It has the old 105 blue can oscillator in it and is serial number 808-00124.
	Let me know if interested in either unit. The 5065A I have in my shop.
Chuck Norton

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