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Randy Warner randy at synergy-gps.com
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Disabling the mouse does work well, although I have seen some Windows machines put the mouse back anyway! Don't ya just luv Windoze.... Another GPS type showed me how to eliminate the mouse detection with a simple change to the registry. If anyone is interested, I wrote a Tech Note on this a couple of months ago. Contact me offline if interested. 

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For the last week or so I've been having a problem with the mouse pointer moving all by itself.  Today I finally found that it appears to be a bug in Windows XP SP2 + latest updates.

When Windows powers up it sees the GPS serial data on COM1 and thinks it's "New Hardware" and installs a driver for a serial ball pointing device.

Using Device Manager to uninstall the serial ball pointing device does not work because at the next boot it gets reinstalled.  

The fix is to Disable the serial ball pointing device.


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