[time-nuts] Fishing for 10MHz OCXO pinout/voltage info

Rex rexa at sonic.net
Sat Apr 23 00:01:47 EDT 2005

On Fri, 22 Apr 2005 22:11:01 -0500, "Bruce Richardson" <w9fz at w9fz.com>

>CTS Knights NSN 970-2089-0 0960-0529
>2"x2"x4" box with pinout on end and trimmers on other end
>S/N 6315-0071 D/C 9107
>SMB output 2 gnd lugpins plus 3 feedthru camp pins

I have one that ends in 2089-1. I assume it is the same.

     (6)Temp | .   .   . | (2)+12 V Htr 
             |           |
             |           |
        (5)G | .   o   . | (1)+12 V Osc

I don't use the top left pin on mine. It is a signal related to oven
temp. It's an open collector through 1K to ground. Not sure if it pulls
to ground when oven is warm or cold, but it's one of the two.

The 12 V supply is nice. I use it on battery as a reference for ham
stuff. Osc draws about 16 mA, Heater 170 mA on start up ... 70 mA after.

I fried mine once by hooking up voltage backwards. Liked it enough that
I cut the can open and fixed the circuit replacing several devices. I
have the cicuit I reverse engineered around here somewhere if anyone
needs it.

-Rex, KK6MK

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