[time-nuts] Physical Clocks - adjusting

Tom Van Baak tvb at leapsecond.com
Thu Apr 28 09:06:31 EDT 2005

> A commercial unit is shown here: http://www.bmumford.com/microset.html
> They have a "simple watch sensor"
 http://www.bmumford.com/mset/access/watch.jpg ), which I guess to be a
piezo sensor, fixed at one end with a brass post attached to the other,
which in turn protrudes through the top of the case. Mechanical vibration in
a watch in contact with the brass rod would generate the signal.
> Anyone with any experience with such a calibrator? My biggest concern is
that there will be too much noise in the signal to get an accurate TI

Yes, I use Bryan's timing tools to measure quartz
watches, chronometers, and a grandfather clock.
Yes, sensor placement is critical but once you get
the hang of it, the data you get is first-class. There
are a dozen sensors to choose from. His PIC-based
instrument has a resolution of 1 us which is good
enough for any mechanical clock work. He also has
a GPS option for the people working on high-precision
pendulum clocks (more on that later). So I highly
recommend his timing products. Contact me off-line
for more info.


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