[time-nuts] Re: Accuracy of a sound card

Tom Van Baak tvb at leapsecond.com
Mon Aug 22 22:42:49 EDT 2005

> I know.... :-(  I checked the NI prices and for such a card they want a
> couple hundreds Euros or more...
> I am wondering... I know of the existence of USB <=> RS232 adaptors. May
> be someone sells also USB <=> GPIB converters ? Nobody knows ?
> 73  Alberto  I2PHD


I do almost all my logging with RS-232. It has the
advantage that it's OS-independent; i.e., it requires
no device drivers (since almost any OS supports
RS-232 out-of-the-box).

You can find cheap, surplus RS232-GPIB converters
which will work well on a HP 5328A.

To get more serial ports on a PC I use 4- or 8-way
USB-serial converters. Again these can be found
surplus for next to nothing. My favorite are those
by Edgeport.


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