[time-nuts] Strange effect with C-Field change -- and a bit of data

John Ackermann N8UR jra at febo.com
Sun Mar 27 08:42:38 EST 2005

Chuck Harris wrote:

> I remember reading an advertisement from FTS many moons ago that said 
> they
> had for sale higher quality replacement tubes for 5060's, 5061's, and 
> 5062's.
> Your replacement tube is most probably one of those tubes.
> Remember, FTS was a direct competitor for HP's line of C-Beams, and as 
> such they
> coveted all aspects of HP's C-Beam market.
> -Chuck
Yes, in fact FTS (or Symmetricom or whatever they are this week) still 
advertises their replacement tubes for the HP units.  Interestingly, 
they have an 8 year warranty, so FTS must have been able to improve the 
reliability along the way.


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