[time-nuts] GPS Selective Availability. Is it On or Off?

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Many thanks.

Due to the large amount of interest in this briefing, I have just created an
App Note section on my business site, with this and some other interesting
stuff from different industry sources.


Rob Kimberley

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Robs briefing file saasm coml brfg 7-04.pdf (very interesting
actually!) can now be found at:

http://nm2.org/files/saasm coml brfg 7-04.pdf

Anyone else in the group with files or manuals that need hosting can
let me know and I will put the files there. The only thing at nm2.org
right now is files and manuals for this group and the hp-agilent
equipment group. Last month a mere 2.2gb of data was transferred,
which is in fact only about 1% of the transfers on that particular
machine - so I am quite happy to maintain it.

Since June 2005 when I started hosting the manuals there has
been  43,602 completed downloads from over 130,000 hits from 4672
distinct visitors. Total downloads in that time is just over 125gig.


At 02:54 PM 3/14/2006, Rob Kimberley wrote:

> >I have a 75 page PDF briefing from Zyfer on SAASM P/Y which has loads
> >of useful information on GPS signal structure, acquisition, jamming,
> >spoofing etc.
> >
> >Can either post it to the group (approx 3MB) or send it on request.
> >
> >Rob Kimberley
> >

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