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Thu Aug 2 13:53:58 EDT 2007

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mark.amos at toast.net writes:

Several  of you have talked about using XY displays for this.  I'm probably 
just  dense, but I don't know what this 
is...  Can you provide some model  info that I might look up.  I'd love to 
have this clock displaying on  something 
other than my Tek scope

Hi Mark
An X-Y display is similar to a scope but the inputs interface directly  to 
the X and Y plates of the tube via DC amplifiers.
What's missing are the timebase and triggering circuits and the AC  coupled 
vertical amps and attenuators.
They are commonly used with instruments that generate their  own timebase 
waveforms, such as sweep generators etc, where the sweep  waveform will be used 
as the timebase and will be conncted to the X plates and  the detected RF, say, 
to the Y plates.
Most scopes can be used in X-Y mode anyway but the X-Y display  is really 
just the back end of the scope without the fancy twiddly  bits on the front:-)


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