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>Anything else is a BAD idea.  This certainly includes any path  that results
>in JPEG of any sort, GIF, TIFF, or any other raster images  except maybe for
>thumbnails.  I don't care if your raster  compression technology is lossless;

Hi CH,
respectfully disagree: that would mean we should get out our  good-old 
pen-plotters and vector-graphics displays as well? But even those  rasterize in 
their DAC and Stepper-Motor resolutions...
High-resolution raster-files can guarantee that all traces in a schematic  
line up, the text has the correct size and type etc, and no one in Asia is  
modifying the files.
File-size is not an issue, our 5-page schematics in 600 dpi turn into a  
beautiful and tiny 105 KByte PDF file that prints perfectly  even on D-Size paper. 
105KB is probably less space than an  embedded font would take. 
Especially for schematics run-length coding works wonders on raster  files.

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