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May be a dumb question but why don't you just export the slides to bitmap graphics or
to a PDF?  I rarely give presentations anymore but that's the approach I've always
taken, especially if I'm going to have to use other hardware.  A series of TIFFs or
JPGs and the free Irfanview which will run on a thumb drive or CD and you're set.


On Mon, 10 Dec 2007 17:04:15 -0500, "Daun Yeagley" <daun at yeagley.net> wrote:

>HOW TRUE your last sentence!!!   I've had to fight many battles with
>presentations used in training classes that were written using whatever font.
>Then when you try to present using a machine that doesn't have that particular
>font installed, you get a HUGE mess!  We've even tried going to embedding fonts
>in the presentations, but even that doesn't always work.
>I just did some training for the Air Force, so I had to use one of their
>computers, since it was part of a really nice classroom setup complete with rear
>projection.  However, they had very few fonts on that machine, and it made some
>of this slides, especially ones with formulas on them, total gibberish.  Talk
>about throwing you off guard!  I'd review the material in my hotel room the
>night before, but when I put the questionable slides up, it would totally
>confuse me.  As a result, my student evaluations weren't so hot.  (one commenter
>said "the instructor seemed like he was "winging it"").  I might as well have
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