[time-nuts] Upgrading possibilities for more accurate, precise stable mark ii

Jack Hudler jack at hudler.org
Sat Dec 15 22:25:14 EST 2007

If you have a porch or balcony, just drilled a 1/4 inch hole through the
edge of the sliding door frame to handle an external antenna. Hide the wire
in the carpet edge or behind the baseboard.
When you leave just caulk up the holes and no one's the wiser. Most of the
time (well the ones I lived in) apartments have touch up paint kits (or the
paint codes at the local big box) so you can fill nail holes and such for
move out.

I did this at four different apartments and no one ever found it, or if they
did, didn't care. Most of the time I drilled three holes for coaxial cables
to DirecTV and 58532A GPS antenna mounted on the back of the DirecTV antenna
(Note: I never used the thin flat strip to run coax through the door there
was too much static build up. That being said; it is still a viable option
for GPS or DirecTV).

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