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Brooke Clarke brooke at pacific.net
Wed Dec 26 15:53:21 EST 2007

Hi Jeff:

I like the look of the tweezers, but for $300 I don't have the need.  I guess 
once you get into SMT brick components you need them.

I have a Suunto wrist computer and like it very much. The normal time, date, 
alarm, stop watch functions plus compass, altimeter/barometer and thermometer.
Which compass did you get?

There are a couple of astronomical orientation sensors, i.e. GPS, 
accelerometers (including the inclinometer function), mag compass, micro 
controller withastronomical data base, LCD & buttons integrated with a low 
power hand held telescope.  You can either point and ask it what you're looking 
at or tell it what you want to see and the arrows will guide you to it.  See:

Sure Electronics also has a web page at:
For some other China based web pages see:

Have Fun,

Brooke Clarke
http://www.prc68.com/I/WebCam2.shtml 24/7 Sky-Weather-Astronomy Cam

Jeff Mock wrote:
> I hope this might start a holiday thread of cool stuff other people have 
> purchased recently.
> Here are a few things that I've bought this year that I really like.
> jeff
> ------
> Smart Tweezers
> http://www.advancedevices.com/
> It's an RLC meter packaged in a pair of tweezers.  It's accurate and 
> fast, feels good to use on the bench.  When working with SMT parts, 
> particularly capacitors that typically aren't marked with values, this 
> tool makes it easy to deal with tiny parts on the bench.
> Truth be told, this product is probably the version before the one you 
> really want to own.  I've found a couple of bugs in the software and the 
> industrial design should be nicer, but it's still a good product.
> SMA wrench
> http://www.smelectronics.us/coaxialtorquewrenchessmatypendin.htm
> I've never known how much to tighten an SMA connector.  As time goes by 
> I have more and more SMA connectors.  I've seen real RF guys with SMA 
> torque wrenches, but never broken down and bought one until this year. 
> The 5/16" ST-SMA3 is very satisfying and I never worry about SMA 
> connections (but it's a little too expensive). I think 8 in.lbs is the 
> right number.
> Suunto Tandem compass and clinometer
> http://www.suunto.com (click on precision instruments)
> This is a really fantastic machined aluminum compass and clinometer. 
> It's super precise and has optical sites on both instruments.  I find it 
> amazingly accurate with a little practice.  I can look up an Iridium 
> flare on heavens-above.com, point the device at the sky and find the 
> precise az/el location just before the flare.  It's made in Finland, 
> that seems good for some unknown reason.
> Sure Electronics
> http://stores.ebay.com/Sure-Electronics
> They are an ebay seller in mainland China that ships directly to buyers 
> worldwide. They sell a bunch of junk, but the nice things they sell are 
> designer kits of passive components.  They are a little slow, it seems 
> to take a couple of weeks to get an item, but they have some really nice 
> design kits.  You can get a 2000 piece kit of 0805 capacitors, each 
> value in neatly labeled boxes for less than $20 including shipping. 
> This is about $100 from Digikey and not nearly as nice.
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