[time-nuts] RFTG-m-XO

Phil Staton phil at barely.me.uk
Fri Feb 2 19:07:01 EST 2007

RFTG-m-XO KS-24019 L106B
Date of Mfr 9910

Todays setup
Antenna is Trimble pn 12960-00 which contains pn 16248-40 believed to  
have a gain 40dB.
This is on a metal plate in the apex of a loft space.

Approx 6 to 8 metres UR67 to a LNFA1X4-N distribution box.

1st on box ie suppling antenna power is Trimble Trimpack pn 16768-66,  
this also gives a rough idea that most things are working.
2nd item is RFTG unit (Radio Frequency Timing Generator OR Rugby For  
The Girls)
3rd item is a helical antenna to reradiate to a Garmin Etrex hand  
held receiver which, with DGPS, is claiming 1 metre accuracy.

I suspect the RFTGs prefer a strong signal. I will experiment.

The 15MHz output seems to wander about a little compared to a Sulzer  
oscillator. Comparing with a couple of rubidiums gives even more wander.
10 second count and parts in 10e12.

GPIB to follow, ie when I can persuade windoze to work.

RFTG fault light goes out when lock is established independent of any  
or if 10MHz input applied.

'No GPS' seems to depend on antenna current

When I received the unit I decided to treat it as a black box, so I  
put it back together and did so. (The first thing to do with a new  
toy is to take it to pieces)

Phil G4FXY

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