[time-nuts] FTS-1050A battery pack?

Brooke Clarke brooke at pacific.net
Sat Feb 10 20:29:20 EST 2007

Hi John:

The FTS4060 uses a power supply brick to convert the AC line to 30 VDC.  
That is in turn converted to a bunch of voltages by a switching mode 
power supply in the physics package sub assembly.  Note that 30 VDC is a 
convenient value to make a charger for a "24 volt" lead acid gel cell 
type battery.  There are some very simple charger circuits based on 
National Semi linear voltage regulators.

But be aware that having a lead acid battery in the same box that has a 
heater leads to acid fume etching of printed circuit boards.  Guess how 
I know this.  So it's best if the battery pack is outside the box with 
the electronics.

Have Fun,


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John Ackermann N8UR wrote:

>I have a nice FTS-1050A that came without its battery pack.  I'd like to
>put one together for it.
>Can anyone tell me the battery layout -- number and type of cell, and
>physical arrangement -- so I can try to reconstruct it?
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