[time-nuts] FTS-1050A battery pack?

Masamichi Tsuchiya 8sdjb at trio.plala.or.jp
Wed Feb 14 22:18:51 EST 2007

I checked service manual for the FTS-1050A/015 that describes parts
number as follows:
BT1  BTRY, 12V, 5AH 0800-0016
BT2  BTRY, 8V, 5AH   0800-0027
BT3  BTRY, 8V, 5AH   0800-0027

I requested those parts to service department of Symmetricom and then
person wrote as follows on today:
I am sorry but we do not sell these parts for the 1050A. Perhaps you could
consider sending them in for repair, and the batteries can then be replaced
and tested.
If you do wish to have any of these repaired, please use the RMA form on our
web site, and send to the attention of XX.

Sorry I don't have any comments above mentions.

I checked and purchased those compatible replacement parts as follows:
Those sealed lead acid batteries as Hawker Energy Cyclon Batteries formally
P/N 0800-0016 :available
P/N 0800-0027 :no answer, may be special order parts
Replaceable batteries as follows and available, those batteries easy get 
battery shops:
12V, 5AH 0800-0108  Qty:1
8V, 5AH   0800-0104  Qty:2
I already ordered those replaceable batteries for my FTS-1050A/015 and
Please note don't use series two 12V batteries for this 28V system design
then please use series two 8V and one 12V batteries for FTS-1050A and

Best regards,

Tsuchiya, JA2GXU

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>I have a nice FTS-1050A that came without its battery pack.  I'd like to
> put one together for it.
> Can anyone tell me the battery layout -- number and type of cell, and
> physical arrangement -- so I can try to reconstruct it?
> Thanks!
> John

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