[time-nuts] Thunderbolts available (maybe in quantity)

Jeroen Bastemeijer J.Bastemeijer at TUDelft.nl
Mon Feb 12 11:20:18 EST 2007

Dear Time-nuts,

Would it be possible to send them to Europe as well? The seller only 
sells (direct)  to the US according to Ebay. Al lot of nice things only 
ship to the US :-(

Best regards, Jeroen PE1RGE

Jason Rabel wrote:

>I would be up for buying one too if you could get it in the $200-$250 price
>range, maybe two if you could get them cheaper.
>If he truly has a few hundred to offload I would think you could do a group
>purchase for $200 or maybe even less for a bulk order.
>To be cautious though, I would see if he would let you purchase just one
>unit initially to test out and verify everything before making the plunge.
>Has anyone emailed him yet? Any volunteers?
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