[time-nuts] Thunderbolt specs

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Wed Feb 14 18:05:54 EST 2007

Trimble's spec sheet for the Thunderbolt says:

	±1 microsecond over 2 hours with a maximum
	±15°C temperature change Some customers, such
	as CDMA manufacturers, have historically mandated
	tighter holdover requirements than specified on this
	datasheet. For increased holdover performance, please
	contact your local Trimble representative.

So I conclude that it's not in the same class as the Z3801A

It's probably a nice addition to the toy collection, especially if you have a 
good antenna position so you don't care much about holdover.

> Piezo (tm) Crystal Company, Carlisle, PA
> Model 2900082 - 112
> Freq. 10.000 MHz
> S/N 1331

Piezo has been borged by Vectron.

I haven't found a spec sheet on that part number.  Has anybody seen one?

  NovAtel recommends a high-stability clock such as the PIEZO Model 2900082 
whose 2-sample (Allan) variance meets the following stability requirements:
  3.24 x 10 -24 s 2 /s 2 between 0.5 - 2.0 seconds, and
  1.69 x 10 -22 T s 2 /s 2 between 2.0 - 100.0 seconds
(the 2 after the s (4 places) is superscript, same for the -22 and -24)

says it's single oven.

> From the pictures on eBay, that board has a Trimble oven.

I wonder if that's better or cheaper.

It might be worth getting one and checking it out before a big order.

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