[time-nuts] Thunderbolt specs

Robert E. Martinson REMartinson at rcn.com
Wed Feb 14 19:59:22 EST 2007

Re the Piezo Crystal Oscillator question by Hal Murray:


> Piezo (tm) Crystal Company, Carlisle, PA
> Model 2900082 - 112
> Freq. 10.000 MHz
> S/N 1331

Piezo has been borged by Vectron.

I haven't found a spec sheet on that part number.  Has anybody seen one?


I have, in hand, a Piezo Crystal Company Model 2900082-35, 10 MHz, S/N 023
and also it has 800-00429 on it, date code 9222 .

Somehow a year or so ago when I acquired it I found this data sheet, (don't
recall how I got there):


The unit I have appears identical, but no optional pin 8 .

One of these days I'll test it.

I see nothing on the Vectron pages that looks the same.

Bob Martinson, N1VQR

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