[time-nuts] Motorola VP docs

Randy Warner randy at geodetics.com
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Jason Rabel has this on his site. I sure am glad I took the time to do this
in 2000. Had to scan in 150 pages, run them through a TERRIBLE OCR program,
and spend endless hours watching TV and reformatting everything.......


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Geodetics wrote:
> Bob,
> I'm afraid not. I'm no longer with Synergy and I don't think they will
> do it. You should email: oemtech at synergy-gps.com and request the VP
> Reference in case you don't have it. If you can explain your problems I 
> might still be able to help.
> Randy

  I searched my hard disk and found a "VP Command Reference" PDF document by
Synergy, dated October 2, 2001, which, 
zipped, is under 1 MB in size. If somebody needs it, I can place it on my
Web site for download.

73  Alberto  I2PHD

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