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>I ended up purchasing a Oncore 2000 antenna (5V, 25dB) from  Ridge
>Equipment <http://www.ridgeequipment.com/store/page6.html>  that I need
>to install still (when there is no risk of  thunderstorms).

Hi guys,
in one of my other jobs we encountered a lot of field returns of Sat Set  top 
Boxes due to lighting strikes. These were not direct strikes, rather  
proximity strikes that induced a large current (over 500A) into  the center 
conductor, or into the house's ground.
Interestingly enough, almost no damage in the West, while a large  
distribution of damage was centered in the active Midwestern states  etc.
I can only recommend appropriate surge suppressors for the antennas -  even 
if this means a couple of dB's attenuation.

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