[time-nuts] Beware: HP 5071A Primary Frequency Standard 10890A Agilent on eBay

Christopher Hoover ch at murgatroid.com
Thu Jun 7 02:34:06 EDT 2007

Heads up folks.


There's a scammer running an auction for an HP 5071A with 10890A tube.  The
cretin is operating out of the UK.


I "won" the last "auction" for this item.  After winning, I received a
forged eBay e-mail (via a yahoo server) purporting some bogus escrow
arrangement through eBay's security centre and requesting payment via


N.B., eBay does not allow settlement via MoneyGram.   Anyone who asks for
payment via MoneyGram  is almost certainly a thief.


I recognized the scam as such reported it to eBay.


I bring this to your attention as I just noticed tonight that the same item
has been relisted under a different user: now it  is auction #140126169924
by "stir1222".


eBay has been informed again.




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