[time-nuts] another Ebay mixup

Jason Rabel jason at extremeoverclocking.com
Sat Jun 9 11:19:46 EDT 2007

Yeah, I once had a huge switch (8U-10U I think, very heavy item) that some
guy threw in a thin cardboard box using only foam peanuts and those small
foam packs. The box was coming apart at the seams leaking peanuts as the
driver carried it to the door. The little foam packs were smashed flat,
totally worthless because of the weight & loose packing. What a nightmare
that was! It looked like someone took a baseball bat to the thing and went
psycho. It's so sad people will sell thousand dollar pieces of equipment and
not spend a penny on proper packing.

On the other hand, one person from eBay I bought a couple items from
"surplussupplyal", holy cow they rock! I bought a couple time displays and
paid only like $10 for UPS ground shipping (that had to be at-cost for just
shipping). They came in heavy duty oversized cardboard boxes and were packed
tight in that expanding foam! Complete overkill for such a small item, you
could literally of dropped them off a second floor building and I bet they
would have been okay.


> I'd be careful what you wish for!  I had a lambda power supply shipped,
> the guy wrapped it in at least 2 inches of bubble wrap, and both rack
> were completely broken off in shipping.  Sharp corners, and protrusions
> bubble wrap, and leave the sharp corners and protrusions unprotected.
> Bubble wrap is ok for light little things, but not for heavy pieces of
> equipment.  They need carefully fitted dense foam, and double boxing.
> -Chuck Harris

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