[time-nuts] ebay: phoenix electronics/nachtengel f**k up.

Sebastian Stolp sebastianstolp at gmx.net
Sat Jun 9 17:31:06 EDT 2007

i read your ebay adventures and can't hold back to tell you mine:

i won the auction on a 5062 power supply to accompany my old 5061 a/b  
glad that that thing cost me just 100 USD i was told i had to pay 50  
USD for packing and handling, 380 USD for shipping alone.
ok i thought - its a rare item on ebay and shipping these monsters  
was never cheap.

so i paypaled and waited.

2 weeks later a pack arrived with FEDEX. when i opened it i realised  
2 layers of bubble wrap.
i tried to pull the unit out of this papery box and held two alloy  
handles, one in each hand.
handles from the side frames broken off, front dented, rear alloy  
panel that holds the connectors completely kicked in.

sloppy packing, lack of care and thoroughness. the sender obviously  
was pissed off to have this item let go for too little money. i had  
to pay 50 dollars to have this thing packed, so one can expect a  
little more than a little bubblewrap. i got the message - knowing  
that i can't expect anything from the sender.

i reported this to fedex and fought with them to get a refund at  
least for the shipping.
pictures were taken and emailed, a case was opened and 3 months later  
fedex refunded the shipping only.

to the sender, as it was the party that initially gave them the money  
to ship the item.

the sender has been refunded the money on november the 16th 2006. he  
says he cant find the check. (FEDEX told me he had gotten the money  
for sure - i was in their files) if he will find it, he said to me on  
the phone- he will pay me the refund. haven't heard from that slob  
ever since. his name is john royer, his company is called PHOENIX  
ELECTRONICS in maryland, his ebay name is NACHTENGEL
i sometimes call to nagg him, but he would refuse to talk to me.

i have spoken to a lawyer from maryland to take that guy to court,  
but the lawyer says i have to appear in court, too. john royer will  
know that and there's no way to get my money back.

thanks for reading this,

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