[time-nuts] H-Maser, but not on ebait...

Lester Veenstra M0YCM K1YCM M0YCM at veenstras.com
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Well I guess that is one traveling clock that will not sit on a first class
seat next to Paul Wheeler!

Full Name:      Lester B Veenstra 
Job Title:      Communication Sys Des Engr Sr Stf 
Department:     6L01 Site Operations Collaboration  and Reach-Back (SOCAR) 
Company:        Integrated Systems & Solutions 

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Lockheed Martin IS&S 
PSC 45 Box 781
APO AE 09468 

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Dawn Cottage 
Norwood, Harrogate
HG3, 1SD  UK 


Office             940-6456

Office             +44-(0)1423-846-385

Home:           +44-(0)1943-880-963              

UK Cell          +44-(0)7716-298-224 

US Cell          +1-240-425-7335

Jamaica        +1-876-352-7504

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Since we're having a lively afternoon (or midnight for our Aussie members)
on Time-nuts, and talking about buying and selling 
gear anyway, I think this is a good time to mention something I've been
putting off for too long:
An Oscilloquartz H-maser. For sale.
I've put some details, pictures and the manuals here:
That page will get some more data over the next few days, and I'm sure there
will be tons of questions to answer.
I hope John will forgive the commercial post, but I figured my fellow
Time-nuts would want to be the first to know about a loose 


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