[time-nuts] bad lcd readout on austron 2100 loran

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Along the lines of a bad connection, a common problem I have seen with LCD
displays is the "zebra strip" elastomer connection to the LCD itself.
Basically, this is an elastomer strip that has conductive stripes and it is
squeezed between the glass edges of the display and the underlying PC board.
They are usually captivated by a metal assembly and held in place by bent tabs.
You would release the tabs to get the parts out, clean them carefully and
reassemble.  I have repaired a number of various displays this way.
On a similar note, I see a lot of newer consumer items with LCD's are now just
gluing a ribbon cable between the display and board.  Problem is that as they
age, the connections get bad and you start loosing display segments.  I would
presume that the remedy for this is to clean and re-glue, but I have not yet
seen a suitable glue for such purposes.  Has anyone else?  If so, I'd sure like
to know so I can fix a few of them!


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Hi Dan:

It may just be a bad connection.  You might un plug and mate each connector a 
few times including the boards, ribbon cables and if the LCD glass unplugs do 
it.  I've found in 99% of the cases where older equipment no longer works the 
problem is a bad connection.  More on that at:

and Austron stuff at:

Have Fun,

Brooke Clarke

Dan Durgin wrote:
> I have an Austron 2100F Loran-C clock receiver which works perfectly, but
> the lcd readout is dead or washed out. Any ideas on a replacement unit? The
> backlight still works fine. By the way, I recently bought on ebay and got
> working after some difficulty, an HP-113AR. Thanks to some folks here at
> time-nuts, I was able to verify replacement part numbers, for some missing
> parts. Thanks much.
> Daniel Durgin
> Ocean View, Hawaii
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