[time-nuts] Dana Racal 1996 Questions

tom jones epoch_time at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 2 20:38:43 EST 2007

Anybody using either 1996 or 1995 racal counters.
  I use my hp5061a for external reference to both counters
  The racals are continously in mean average mode (10000 seconds).with a different 
  1pps signals to the racal counters.. 
  Occasionaly the counters present a reading like 10.0  -3 (10ms)
  The expected readings should be 0.001 -9   (1ps)
  Anybody else using dana racal experience this. It seems like a software bug?
  Question number two;
                The readings from these racals seem off .
  I get a reading like 0.001 -9  equals 1X10 -12  I belive its decimal point mighy be off.
  I'm thinking it should be  .0001 -9 equaling 1X10-13  When I interpet the readings with the extra digit of accuracy the readings make more sense and correlate with my austorn loran frequency & timing receivers and other counters and gps 1pps signals.
  To also support my theory  the racal counters will resolve 1X10 -11  using 99 (100s)  second gate time. when I activate the mean average mode this extends the gate time two more decimal places (10000 second gate) wouldn't you assume a resultt of 2 more digits in accuracy ?  

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