[time-nuts] HP 523B frequency counter & Sputnik

Morris Odell vilgotch at bigpond.net.au
Fri Oct 5 03:02:37 EDT 2007

Hi all,

I have been lurking here for quite a while but here is something I can ask 

> A little known piece of Sputnik history...
>     http://www.hparchive.com/Journals/HPJ-1957-09-Sputnik.pdf

I have a couple of restored and working HP 524B/C counters, each 8 digits 
wide with nearly 100 tubes. They work well and the OCXOs in them are still 
pretty close to my two GPSDO references after 50 years! As it happens I have 
one out on the bench at the moment replacing the unobtainum delay line with 
a digital delay circuit. This article reminded me that I would love to find 
the matching 560A digital recorder - both my counters have the optional 
interface kit for it installed.

Even though I am down here in sunny Australia, our dollar is strong and I 
would love to hear from anyone who knows where one might be found.

Regards to all,

Morris Odell VK3DOC

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