[time-nuts] time-nuts, frequency counters

Luis Miguel Brugarolas lmbruga at ieee.org
Fri Oct 5 13:12:47 EDT 2007

>One last question in regard to counters. Is it possible, or does anyone make
>a frequency counter which has 12 digits but only displays 1 Hz and below
>regardless of the frequency which is fed into it? i.e. 1 Ghz reads out as
>1.000 000 000 00 (if on frequency) only displaying the last cycle of the
>count down to -11 ?
I am new in the list and reading old postings. Sorry if this was already 

I am using an HP53132A, and I can program an offset and a scale factor. I use 
to measure 10 MHz, so I program an scale factor of 1E-7 and offset of -1, so 
it displays relative offsets in a very pleasant way.

Luis Miguel Brugarolas

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