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Tom Duckworth tom.duckworth at pendulum-instruments.com
Thu Oct 11 14:49:13 EDT 2007

Dear Time-Nuts members,


A member of your list, Pete Rawson, suggested I let your members know about
our company, and its products, that has a relatively new US presence.


We design, manufacturer, and market a complete line of frequency counters:
from general purpose 300 MHz counter/timer analyzers (with prescalers to 20
GHz); to microwave (mixer) versions to 27, 40, 46 & 60 GHz. The general
purpose models (CNT-90, CNT-91) are time-stamping, zero dead-time counters
(not gating counters) that can resolve single event measurements to 50 ps,
make up to 250K measurements/sec and store up to 3.5M measurements in


In addition, there is software available (TimeView) which turns these
counters into modulation domain analyzers with the ability to continuously
measure, without dead-time, such things as long term stability, Allen
variance, jitter, etc., displayed in near real-time, over very long periods
(many days, potentially indefinitely, depending on the measurement setup).


Pendulum Instruments is headquartered in Bromma Sweden with offices in
Sweden, Oakland California, Russia and China, and over 90 sales offices
world-wide. This company was spun off the old Philips counter division, has
over 45 years of experience, and is focused on time interval and frequency
domain measurement and analysis.


More information on these counters, distribution amplifiers, GPS disciplined
Rubidium and OCXO standards, and TimeView software can be found on our web
site: www.pendulum-instruments.com <http://www.pendulum-instruments.com/> .
If I can be of any service to your members, please contact me at the
information below


Best Regards,


Tom Duckworth

Pendulum Instruments, Inc.

   (incorporating XL Microwave)

Technical Marketing / Engineering Support

Phone: 510-428-9488  x107

Fax: 510-428-9469

e-mail:  <mailto:tom.duckworth at pendulum-instruments.com>
tom.duckworth at pendulum-instruments.com

Web:    <http://www.pendulum-instruments.com/> www.pendulum-instruments.com


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