[time-nuts] Improving the stability of crystal oscillators

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I used to use the clipon posistors to stabilise my crystals (the Murata 
BM500N previously mentioned) but after seeing some results on what 
temperature they really stabilise at versus what they should stabilise at i 
moved on to the heater controller design by John Hazell at 


note in recent iterations the crystal is embedded in the aluminium block 

After using the calibration technique he mentions to operate the crystal at 
the "knee" point oscillators have had adequate stability for 134GHz local 
oscillator usage 



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> While the website is not explicitly about frequency
> measurement, there is an interesting bit on improving 
> the stability of crystal oscillators with external
> heater controllers.  While it may not be suitable for
> long term high stability control it might be suitable
> for many other purposes. 
> http://www.qrss.thersgb.net/Crystal-Ovens.html 
> The main page is also a good read: 
> http://www.qrss.thersgb.net/Receiving-QRSS.html#Introduction

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