[time-nuts] Improving the stability of crystal oscillators

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>Maybe Vectron has figured out something we didn't think of  or
>has sufficiently difference constraints that a vacuum  makes
>sense for them.

>Rick Karlquist  N6RK

Hi Rick,
they get 0.2ppm with it over -45C to 85C, I think that's a pretty  acceptable 
performance in a small DIP-8 can which is not much bigger than a  penny 
really, including all the circuitry!
Probably the best insulator to use in that small of a case, where you only  
have a millimeter or two between the crystal blank and the housing. Any other  
material would probably have much less insulation.
One interesting fact to mention is the +85C upper limit, there are very few  
OCXO's out there that run their crystals over 90C as would be required. Most  
seem to run between 80C and 90C and it get's really expensive if one looks for 
 an OCXO that is speced to operate above +75C.
Then again the DIP-8 is still vapor-ware...

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