[time-nuts] Improving the stability of crystal oscillators

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>Thermal transients propagate into the ground on a different  law,  
>Gauss' Error Function.
>If the ground is cleared of  trees, one hundred years later at a depth  
>of 100 metres  or
>so there will be a record of the change in average soil  temperature.
>The Cave was Saltpetre Cave in Carter Caves  Park.
>Just thought you might like to know.....
>Neville  Michie

Hi Neville,
your post made me remember stuff from my University days!
Gauss' Error Function is also used to calculate diffusion depth of  
HP/Agilent makes a semiconductor tester to measure this depth.
One interesting fact I remember from this: the form of the diffusion  profile 
depends on the speed (time) of the actual diffusion process into the  bulk 
I bet there is a nice analog to temperature transients progressing through  
I love it when micro and macro effects show mathematical  similarities.

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