[time-nuts] OT: Need HP 7475A Drivers for XP or Linux

Joseph Gray jgray at zianet.com
Sun Oct 21 20:58:22 EDT 2007

Speaking of plotters, I know there are still some things that you need a 
plotter for, but the inkjets are faster, higher resolution and much 
_quieter_. A while back, I picked up a used HP 1220C for cheap. It does 
B-size. I don't use it much, but I keep it around for when I do need it.

BTW, just in case anyone has or is looking for an HP 1220C, there was a very 
common failure in the power supply with this model. That's why I got mine so 
cheap. If it doesn't power up at all, look for a burned-up resister. The fix 
is a new resistor, with a higher wattage rating. If you Google, you'll find 
this documented somewhere. That's how I originally found out about it.

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