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>I don't have more details yet, (like cost), except that I would  do the  
>circuit design and layout and my board house would  manufacture  

>I see, perhaps, a 4-6 week  timeline.

>What is your thinking about  this?


Hi George,
doing an OCXO adapter board for our Fury GPSDO is a great idea. You  may want 
to put a high-tempco resistor on the board (such as a 3K Ohm thermistor  etc) 
to allow temperature compensation for OCXO's that do not have a  linear 
current/temperature relationship.
That thermistor should be connected to the Ground and VCC pins of the  
on-board Fury OCXO pins (presently remain unused). There will be  around 10.5V 
across the OCXO/thermistor.

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