[time-nuts] Pre-Release Docs and Schematics for the Fury Interface Board

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>Ok,  this one is somewhat difficult. The HP oscillators have +12 and   
>+24 V supplies. MTI requires +5 to +15 and Crystek needs +12. So  we  
>have a wide range here. What does the Fury  supply?

>A compromise has to be made.

>On the Fury, Is  there a connector that breaks out the pinout of the  
>OCXO or  would the individual power pins need to be directly soldered to?

>I  would rather avoid direct soldering. I want to have the Fury is a   
>"untouched" state, if possible.

Hi George,
Fury supplies 10.5V nominally at the OCXO's pins next to the SMA  connectors. 
220mA max is expected. Most 12V OCXO's will work well at  10.5V.
Unfortunately this means soldering to the power pins of the OCXO footprint  
directly, unless you can clamp a wire into the holes.

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