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I find it hard to believe that the FAA (and zoning) could possibly be
concerned about this. Maybe it is mounted on a 200 ft tower and *it* needed
the zoning.
I live adjacent to a county airport and yes, I did have to file some
paperwork with the FAA to put up my 100 ft. Amateur repeater antenna. But
the reason I had to do that was because my tower is about 650 ft. beside the
approach end of our runway.  The request from them was that it be properly
lighted, so I cut a deal with the airport commission and the airport
rotating beacon is on my tower. The thing I thought strange about the whole
thing was that I had to submit that any emissions in the aircraft
communications band (118-136 MHz) had to be 60 dB below the repeater UHF
output. What strikes me as silly about this is that it is a dBc measurement
rather than absolute, and that it was power rather than absolute field
strength.  Go figure. At least they liked the spectrum analyzer plot.
But it's been up there for about 15 years now, and is even on the chart for
the instrument approach.  (I66 for the pilot types)


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> What's really sad is that the GPS antennas are the size of a hockey
> puck and completely invisible from the ground - or for that matter any
> of the surrounding buildings as the antenna is actually lower than the
> parapets around the roof.  Yet we need zoning and community and FAA
> approvals! 

Are there any legitimate concerns?  Or even semi-legitimate?

Did you have any serious troubles with zoning or FAA?  (as compared to the 
normal hassles of dealing with bureaucrats)

I think your previous message said you had to run the cable 11 stories so I 
assume you work in a tall building.  Is it tall enough and/or near enough to

an airport so the FAA is interested in anything that high?

Are the zoning people worried about fire?

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