[time-nuts] Power monitoring

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Dranetz 626 Series of Disturbance Analyzers.  Often on ebay.  Will let you 
capture everything you want plus more. RS232 interface. Time stamps. Catch 
problems with neutral wire.  Very nice stuff.  Less then $100 with ship 
usually.   They are 15-20 years old (the new ones are in the $5000 range). 
Quality peices.

I get alams all day long... spikes and sags.


Different plugins for different function
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> My power went out the other day.  That reminded me that I've always been
> slightly curious about that area.
> Are there any not-expensive boxes made for this?  Or something that shows 
> up
> on eBay occasionally?
> If I was doing it myself, I'd start with a low power (quiet) PC and a UPS.
> Then I'd have a platform that could monitor other things too, like
> temperature.
>  Step 0 is just to measure when power is/isn't there.
>    I assume the UPS has a signal for that.
>  Step 1 is to measure the voltage.
>    This takes an A/D.  The standard PC audio input might be appropriate.
> I'd probably use an AC wall-wart transformer for isolation and a couple of
> resistors to get down to a reasonable voltage.
>  Step 2 is to catch dips and spikes.
>    That's just software behind the A/D.  (assuming the A/D is fast enough)
> As long as I'm dreaming...  Suppose I wanted to measure the power my whole
> house is drawing.  What's available along the lines of a current 
> transformer
> on the main lines?  My first thought is that nobody does that (for homes) 
> so
> it's probably horribly expensive.  On the other hand there is a lot of
> interest in energy conservation these days so it might only be somewhat
> expensive.
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