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Bruce Lane kyrrin at bluefeathertech.com
Fri Apr 18 09:41:06 EDT 2008

Hi, gang,

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On 18-Apr-08 at 09:32 Roy Phillips wrote:

>Interesting to hear your problems with the Datum - I have the same problem 
>with an Odetics 325 - my date is the same , currently Sept 02,1988, but I
>pleased to tell you that it has no effect on the performance of the 
>equipment. I have the correct time and a GDOP of 1.8 and  TFOM=4 . 


	Roy, I don't know which receiver you have in there, but I do happen to have late-issue firmware for the 325 that converts it to a 425. It may or may not help with the date problem.

	If you have the capability to program EPROM chips, and a few blank parts, you can grab the archive from my FTP site as follows.

	Site & port: ftp.bluefeathertech.com, use port 50021 instead of the default 21.

	Login: Use the login name ftp and whatever password you want (though I prefer an E-mail address for logging purposes).

	Path: /electronics/radio/GPS/clocks/Odetics/firmware

	You will also find, in that same general area, a .PDF copy of the manual supplement for update.

	Happy tweaking.

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