[time-nuts] Rubidium oscillator

Glenn Little WB4UIV glennmaillist at bellsouth.net
Sat Apr 26 01:00:30 EDT 2008

I have a GPS disciplined Rubidium Standard. I know that it has a 1024 
week problem. The engine was made by Trimble. They cannot locate any 
information on this engine.

The time displayed is off by as much as 30 minutes in 24 hours. The 
amount that the clock is off varies. The displayed frequency error 
after cold power up on day 1 was 756 E-12. On day 2 it displayed 1256 
E-9. I suspect that the Rubidium standard has a problem. The Rubidium 
standard id an FRK.

What might be causing the problem with the time display? Could a bad 
Rubidium lamp cause this?


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