[time-nuts] Power Consumption Trimble Thunderbolt

Dr. Rainer Meergans r at meergans.org
Sun Apr 27 06:25:40 EDT 2008

My Thunderbolt has arrived yesterday - I think the source is well known 
here - and works smoothly. The price was tolerable, thanks to the ever 
weekening US-Dollar.

As power consumption is an issue nowadays, has anyone measured it 
already with one of the discussed Meanwell T-30B?

For the moment it is running on an old, but unused Seasonic AT-style 
computer powersupply. Consumption is total 18W after heating-up. From my 
experience most switching power supplys have an idle consumption from 
8-10 Watt, so I don't think I can save a lot buying another powersupply.

Thanks in adavance and 73,

Rainer (DG2DBM)

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