[time-nuts] Tboltmon v trimblemon - was Thunderbolt "Oscillator Discipling"

Dave Brown tractorb at ihug.co.nz
Mon Apr 28 01:28:11 EDT 2008

I posted an unanswered query about this back on 5/3/08.
It seems Trimblemon is intended as a monitoring package for all of the 
Trimble fleet of 12 channel nav receivers-it has 12 SV parameter 
'slots' on the main screen. But it has no timing specific monitoring 
capability, such as already exists in tboltmon- well, none I could 

The odd thing is- as noted in my prior post, on the Trimble site, the 
docos for the Thunderbolt E (download the pdf file) discuss the use of 
Trimblemon, but the support s/w made available from the website for 
the Thunderbolt E is actually Tboltmon.  Probably different writers 
for the website and the product support docs........

Regardless, it appears Tboltmon is THE one to use  for a 
DaveB, NZ

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> With respect to the two softwares available for the Thunderbolt . . 
> .
> The (older I think) Tboltman.exe has a status indicator named
> "Oscillator Discipling" while the (newer I think) 
> TrimbleMon_V1-05-0.exe
> does not.
> Does the TrimbleMon_V1-05-0.exe software provide an indication of
> oscillator disciplining?
> I'm not familiar with all of the data presented to the user by these
> pieces of software, so maybe the indication I'm curious about is 
> there
> and I don't recognize it?
> Thanks.
> Steve
> Didier Juges wrote:
>>  Marty,
>> Thanks for the link, I did not know about this new software. I will 
>> try it.
>> The manual appears well done too.
>> Didier KO4BB

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