[time-nuts] Fury GPSDO servo gain

Don @ True-Cal true-cal at swbell.net
Wed Feb 6 16:36:55 EST 2008

Hello group,
This request is primarily directed to Said concerning the Fury OEM board that several of us bought a few months back. I have been working with the board and trying several different OCXOs. Is there a table or graph that would help determine the SERVO:DATG index if the Hz/volt slope of the oscillator is known. The simple table in the Users Manual (rev. 1.4) that lists four different data points is a start but it is very difficult to interpolate intermediate points. Additionally, the Max Frequency Deviation for the oscillator is a bit ambiguous since some are based on -5v to +5V (10811) and others just 0v to +5 (MTI). The table lists an index of 250.0 for the 10811 @ 2Hz (-5v to +5v) but Paragraph states 150 for a +-2v EFC. Several index points referenced to Hz/volt would help save a lot of experimentation. 

Don J.
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