[time-nuts] Setting Trimble Thunderbolt Stored Position

Ken Winterling wa2lbi at frontiernet.net
Wed Feb 6 16:59:20 EST 2008


I am new to using a GPSDO and have recently obtained a Trimble
Thunderbolt.  It is up and running and I am using TBOLTMON to monitor
its operation.  Everything is "green" except the "stored position"
minor alarm.

While searching for information on how to set this information I came
across this group and promptly joined.  I searched the archives but,
unless I missed it, I can not find specific instructions on how to
save the information to EEPROM using the Trimble software.  There are
references to the exact information I seek but there are no details as
to how to do it.  Can anybody provide me with the instructions?



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